the Dreamers & the Dream makers

The world is made up of dreamers and writers, poets and painters, quills and paintbrushes, paper and canvases. We are the shapeshifters, the pave masters, the strings of the Harp or bow for the arrow. We are the manifestations of gods and kings, culture and religion, living and dying. Without creators, time would not have … Continue reading the Dreamers & the Dream makers


Time has no Qualms

Time has no qualms; She holds no hostages, nor concerns herself with the enemy. She does not consort or negotiate, nor does she leap boundaries to chase mourning’s. She is not indecisive, neither steady. She won’t spend moments pacing relentlessly, nor answer patience knocking. Long languished evenings are not where she moods herself. Where mortals … Continue reading Time has no Qualms

Tiger Lilies

I think about Tiger Lilies all the time. When I do… my heart and mind unify and know no boundaries. While the one notions the other, the other must reply. Tiger Lilies venerated, pulsating through my veins; Breathing life into one another, absorbing the valleys of your face. They know the swell of your cheeks … Continue reading Tiger Lilies

#you never say anything, or do anything! Your #investment with me is #small. This little bit of you, that I’ve come to know, makes me #wonder, what parts of you do you love enough and which parts of that did you invest?

All I am aware of right now, this very moment, is that if I am to kiss you, my heart will follow suit. It isn’t quite fair, on either of us really. Why should my heart get in the way of us kissing? We both are feeling this intense sexual attraction toward each other. We … Continue reading